Performance Hydration & Lifestyle

A blend of amino acids and electrolytes with no sugar proven to provide whole body hydration beyond the leading sports drink.

A2CT Technology gives endurance and high-performance athletes a whole new set of competitive advantages. Amino-enabled formulations do not use glucose (sugar), activate multiple transport mechanisms, facilitate absorption of nutrients, and support health immune function. In addition, nutrient retention is greatly improved for increased performance.

Clinical research

Entrinsic Health Solutions has partnered on several studies with the U.S. Army to determine differences between rehydration with an amino acid based fluid and rehydration with a commercial sports drink containing carbohydrate (a leading oral rehydration solution), following iso-and hypertonic dehydration. The studies compared rate of hydration, volume of fluid retained, and rehydration of fluid compartments (intracellular and extracellular volumes). Preliminary results have shown improved outcomes in regard to fluid retention and whole-body hydration. The first phase of a study with the U.S. Army has been completed with the second phase expected to be completed by early summer 2016.

Entrinsic Health Solutions is currently planning additional studies in collaboration with research institutions using a newly formulated A2CT-powered sports performance beverage to expand on the findings from the U.S. Army studies.

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