Animal Health Division

An amino-enabled rehydration & nutrient absorption solution to protect animals from viruses & support healthy GI function.

Animals, particularly those that live in herds like pigs and cows, are highly susceptible to viruses. One such virus is Porcine Epidemic Diarrheal Virus (PEDV), a highly contagious diarrheal disease in pigs. When the virus affects a pig herd, the results can be devastating. Mortality rates in piglets are nearly 100% when the piglet is infected before it is 105 days old. This mortality rate comes at a cost—not only to the farmers in the number of piglet deaths, but also to consumers in the form of rising pork prices.

When A2CT Technology is applied to animal products, it not only helps hydrate the animals, it also helps curb diarrheal output, keeping herds both hydrated and healthy.

Clinical research

Entrinsic Health Solutions is currently collaborating with Iowa State University and the University of Florida to test the effectiveness of A2CT Technology for animals infected with PEDV. This ongoing study has shown that Entrinsic Health’s amino-based product confers 100% survival in weaned, PEDV-infected piglets.

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