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The elimination of sugar

Amino acids provide better nutrient transport and absorption

Since the 1980s, the World Health Organization has saved millions of lives around the world with their sodium–glucose cotransport based ORS. Invigorated by the success and lives saved, scientists worked relentlessly to find an even more effective solution, particularly to address the most severe cases of diarrhea. A key discovery of these tireless efforts is the elimination of glucose (sugar) based nutrient transport.

Sugar only transports nutrients and sodium into the bloodstream, resulting in high sodium content in the blood, while other cells remain deficient. In addition, research has shown that glucose stimulates Ca2+-active chloride secretion. Chloride secretion reduces fluid reabsorption and increases fluid secretion in the small intestine, which increases fluid and electrolyte loss (sweating, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea). Lack of fluids shrinks cells, which can lead to paracellular permeability, bacterial translocation and associated health complications. The result is poor electrolyte and nutrient absorption, poor hydration, increased gut permeability, increased inflammation and poor overall health.

A decade of research has resulted in three key discoveries that form the foundation of Entrinsic Health Solution’s radically more effective A2CT Technology and nutrient absorption therapies.

Amino acids accelerate health

Amino acids are at the basis of all life processes

Essential for every metabolic process in the human body, amino acids facilitate whole-body hydration and healthy digestive function, including the transport, absorption and storage of fluids and nutrients. These life-sustaining building blocks must be obtained through the nutrients we eat and drink. Insufficient intake of select amino acids can result in poor digestive function.

Digestive function forms healthy core

Proper digestive functioning is vital to health and growth

A healthy GI lining supports optimal nutrient absorption and healthy immune function. Internal stressors (such as dehydration), and external stressors (such as pollutants and toxins) can damage this lining. Over time, these stressors may lead to gut permeability and impaired absorption, increasing dehydration and compounding digestive dysfunction.

Hydration heals

hydration-healsHydration is essential to healthy gut function

The human body needs water to perform hundreds of vital functions: regulate temperature; remove waste; protect organs and tissues; lubricate joints, eyes, mouth and nose; and carry nutrients and oxygen to cells. When the body is fully hydrated, cells and organs function and the body’s barriers help keep the body and immune function healthy.

But maintaining the right amount of water inside the human body is a complex balancing act. When that balance fails and the body is even slightly dehydrated, protective mechanisms are compromised affecting physical performance, digestive health, nutrient absorption, etc.

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